3 Ways In Which We Can Create Social Justice Awareness

There are at least 3 key ways in which we can create social justice awareness. These are the ways through which we can get more people to understand what social justice entails. These are also the ways in which we can enlist more people to join the struggle for greater social justice in the world. Without further ado, those 3 ways in which we can crate social justice awareness include:

  1. Through the use of mass media: the mass media is a very powerful tool in awareness campaigns. We can have programs on the radio and on the TV that are aimed at getting people to be aware of social justice. We can also have cleverly scripted entertainment programs, including movies, soap operas, dramas, TV series… and other such programs, that are aimed at getting people to be (indirectly) conscious of social justice. The latter approach can work very well, especially if you are targeting the working class people — who may not have time to watch (or listen to) programs that contain very deep intellectual stuff. Take, for instance, a fellow who works at UPS. He may just have signed into the UPS HR portal, through the UPSers login screen, only to find that his work schedule on the UPSers portal has been altered in a way that is not very favorable to him. Obviously, the last thing such a fellow would want is a talk show where ‘experts’ have deep intellectual discussions about social justice. But if you package the social justice message to be part of his favorite drama/TV series, he will have time for it.
  2. Through the use of the mainstream educational system: this is where we can lobby, in order to have social justice awareness taught as part of the mainstream school curriculum.
  3. Through the use of informal civic education campaigns: in this regard, we can hold seminars, street lectures and peer to peer education campaigns, aimed at getting people to be aware of the concept of social justice. Another approach is where we can print brochures or flyers with messages about social justice, and then proceed to hand these to people on the street.

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