Generating Content for a Social Justice Newsletter

While launching a social justice newsletter, one of the questions you will have to deal with is the one on how you will be getting content. If the social justice newsletter is to be popular, the content in it needs to be truly worthwhile. So the question here would be on how to get truly worthwhile content for the newsletter.

In practical terms, some of the ways in which you can generate content for a social justice newsletter include:

  1. By hiring in-house writers for the newsletter: so this would be a question of inviting people who have good writing skills (especially those who have previously written on social justice issues) to apply. You’d then subject them to interviews and ultimately hire the ones who show great promise.
  2. By requesting social justice activists to be contributing articles: the social justice activists tend to command a lot of respect. Articles written by them are therefore likely to be highly credible.
  3. By buying ready-made content online: there are places, on the internet, where you can buy interesting articles on social justice issues – those being the articles that you would go ahead to publish in your social justice newsletter.

Whichever method you use to acquire content, the most important thing is to ensure that the content published on the newsletter is consistently of a high quality. That is the only way people will be ready to forego other things, in favor of reading the newsletter. Always remember that people have other worthwhile things to do. Someone, for instance, may just have activated his FXNetworks subscription (at So this would be someone who has the option of flicking through FXNetworks, to watch his or her favorite series. Now if you are to get that sort of person to forego the series (on FXNetworks) in favor of reading your social justice newsletter, you better be sure that the newsletter has truly high quality content.

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