Giving Out a Social Justice Newsletter for Free

If you want the message in your social justice newsletter to reach many people, it would be a good idea to consider giving out the newsletter for free. If you opt to sell your social justice newsletter, there are many people who won’t get the message in it, because of cost constraints. Even if you only charge a small amount of money for the newsletter, there are still many people who will be unwilling to part with that small sum. Therefore, if you want to maximize on the audience that gets the social justice message through the newsletter, it would definitely be best to consider giving it out for free.

The obvious question that arises is as to how you would finance the publication of the social justice newsletter, if you would be giving it out for free. There are several viable options here. One option is that of using donations to finance the publication of the social justice newsletter. Indeed, if the newsletter is fully funded through donations, there would be absolutely no justification in selling it. Another avenue you can explore is that of financing the publication of the newsletter through advertising revenues. If you will be giving the magazine out for free, chances are that there would be a huge audience for it. That is the audience you can sell to advertisers.

Of course, there is the risk of people not taking the newsletter seriously, if it is being given out for free. As well know, free things are never taken seriously. Here, the most important thing would be to ensure that the content in the newsletter is worthwhile. That way, people would be inclined to take it seriously, notwithstanding the fact that they would be getting it for free.

Having made the decision to be giving out the newsletter for free, you need to indicate clearly on its front page that it is ‘not for sale’. Otherwise there is a risk of the people distributing it to start charging people for it, ultimately frustrating the plans you had.

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