How to Distribute a Social Justice Newsletter

If you are planning to launch a social justice newsletter, one of the issues you will have to deal with is that of distribution. If the message in your social justice newsletter is to reach the targeted audience, you have to get the distribution aspect right. It is possible to have an otherwise good newsletter flop on account of poor distribution.

The specific way in which you go about distributing your social justice newsletter will depend on several things. Firstly, it will depend on whether it is a newsletter meant for sale, or one that is to be given out for free. It will also depend on the frequency with which the newsletter is to be published – is it a daily newsletter, a weekly newsletter, a monthly newsletter… and so on. All along, we are assuming that you are dealing with a traditional/printed newsletter, as opposed to an online newsletter.

Now one approach you can use, while distributing your social justice newsletter is that of mailing it to the intended recipients. ‘Snail mail’ still has some relevance, and this is one of the areas where it can be of help to you. Just as people are able to receive the application code by mail, so it is possible to convey your social justice newsletter to the targeted audience through ‘snail mail’.

Another approach you can use, while distributing your social justice newsletter is that of handing the copies over to trusted individuals, who would then pass them on to the targeted readers. Like, for instance, if the targeted readers are students in a certain college, you just give one of them the copies of the newsletter, with instructions to pass the copies on to the other students. You can pay him a small stipend for the favor, to sweeten the deal.

There is yet another approach, where you can set up a stand, place the copies of the social justice newsletter on the stand, and then put up a message inviting people who are interested to ‘pick a copy’.

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