Launching a Social Justice Newsletter

A newsletter can be a very useful tool in getting more people to be aware of social justice. Therefore, if you are a social justice campaigner, one of the ways in which you can take your campaign to the next level would be by launching a newsletter. This would be a publication where matters to do with social justice would be addressed, mainly through articles and interviews. In the actual process of launching a social justice newsletter, you will need to:

  1. Make a decision on how big the newsletter is to be
  2. Recruit the writers who are to contribute to the newsletter
  3. Come up with graphic design templates for the newsletter
  4. Make decisions on how the newsletter is to be distributed
  5. Publicize the newsletter, in order to get more people to subscribe for it

Before setting out to launch this sort of newsletter, it would be necessary to figure out how it is to be financed. If, for instance, you run a social justice advocacy foundation, you can use the funds in the foundation’s accounts to finance the publication of the newsletter. Alternatively, you can invite the people who will be reading the newsletter to be contributing funds towards its publication.

If you take the latter route, the most important thing is to ensure that you set up a mechanism through which people can be contributing in a convenient manner. It should, for instance, be possible for a person to contribute towards the newsletter publication using his credit or debit card. Thus someone who has responded to the getmycreditcardoffer online should be able to use his credit card (conveniently) in making the newsletter fund contributions. In simpler terms, someone who got a capital one credit card offer in the mail should be in a position to use the funds in the credit card to contribute toward the newsletter publication.

And having solicited for people’s contributions toward the newsletter publication, you better make sure that the content therein is worthwhile. Otherwise people would be very reluctant to contribute towards the social justice newsletter publication in the future, if the content is lackluster.

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