The Top 3 Barriers to Achievement of Social Justice

It is fair to assert that real social justice hasn’t yet been achieved, in the world. There still exists extreme poverty in the world. We still have people, in various parts of the world, living sub-optimal lives. Yet quite some time has elapsed, from when the concept of social justice was introduced into the public space. One would surely expect real social justice to have been achieved by now. What is keeping us from achieving real social justice? That is the question we will be attempting to answer today. And this is where we come to learn that there are 3 key barriers to the achievement of social justice, namely:

  1. People’s ignorance: we find that there are many people who are still ignorant about social justice. They don’t understand what social justice is, and how it would be beneficial to them. They are therefore not inclined to fight for the achievement of social justice. Worse still, due to ignorance, they are actually more inclined to fight against the measures that are introduced to enhance social justice.
  2. Capitalist interests: social justice and capitalism are not mutually exclusive. But we still have some capitalists who believe that the progress towards real social justice will be to their detriment. They note that, for instance, with real social justice, they won’t have many people to exploit. The masses too, have been seduced by capitalism. Take, for instance, a fellow who has some sort of a job at, say, PepsiCo. He is assured of visiting the My PepsiCo view website each fortnight, to receive a paycheck. He is also assured of accessing considerable benefits, including medical benefits, through the Mypepsico portal. So you find that such a fellow has come to believe that he is part of the ‘system’. And being a typical (vain) human being, he may be keen on upsetting the ladder he used to get up there – to ensure that others don’t ‘reach’ him.
  3. Corruption: achievement of real social justice will require that government resources be spent in a very prudent manner. But you see that many states have been captured by corrupt interests. So government resources are not spent prudently on social programs that would improve the well-being of the masses. This ends up being yet another barrier to the achievement of real social justice.

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