Using Religious Organizations to Promote Social Justice

One of the ways in which we can promote social justice is through the use of religious organizations. In today’s article, we will be highlighting some three specific methods in which that can be done. That is, three ways in which we can use religious organizations to promote social justice. Those include:

  1. Through religious teachings: this is where the preachers who run the religious organizations can be encouraged to preach messages that promote social justice. Now people tend to take the religious organizations they subscribe to very seriously. Consequently, if the religious organizations preach the message of social justice continually, people are bound to absorb it and start practicing it.
  2. Through advocacy: thanks to the huge numbers of followers they command, the religious organizations tend to be very powerful lobbies. As such, they are able to influence political, economic and social policies by just voicing their views. And given that fact, it is possible for the religious organizations to use their (usually respected) voice to lobby for policies that are aligned to social justice. Those would include policies in favor of better wages for workers, better public housing, better public transport, better healthcare… and so on.
  3. Through practical social justice programs: religious organizations tend to have considerable financial resources at their disposal. These are resources that they can use to create social justice programs. We have seen religious organizations setting up shelters for the homeless, hospitals for the poor, soup kitchens and other amenities of that nature. At least, these (social assistance) programs can serve their members. You may, for instance, find a person who subscribes to a particular religious organization, and who was previously working at Nordstrom (meaning that he was using the Mynordstrom employee guide). The at some point, he visits the Nordstrom employee portal, and proceeds to sign in at the Mynordstrom employee login page – only to find that he has been removed from the work schedule: meaning that he has been laid off. In such circumstances, the religious organization he subscribes to should surely be in a position to give him some practical assistance. If he is in financial distress, it should be in a position to assist him, till he gets back on his feet. And once he gets back on his feet, he should, in turn, be in a position to assist other folks who are distress: thus creating a revolving cycle that promotes social justice.

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