Using Taxation Policy to Promote Social Justice

One of the ways in which we can promote social justice is through the use of taxation policy. Here, it is really important for us to understand and keep in mind the bigger picture in the pursuit of social justice. The bigger picture in the pursuit of social justice is to ensure that all members of the society get a fair share of the society’s resources. At the very least, people should be in a position to reap as much as they sow in the society. In other words, what the people get should be commensurate with what they give. If you have a situation where people are giving too much to the society, and getting very little in return, then you know that there is no social justice.

The way in which taxation policy can be used to promote social justice is quite simple. It really is just a question of taxing the people who are well off, and using whatever you get to take care of those who are vulnerable. Remember, the people who get rich do so using the sweat of the poor. It is the poor who work in their businesses, to make them rich. It is the poor who provide a market for their products, to make them rich. Yet when they get money, they regard it as their own money, and are unwilling to share it with anyone else.

You also have to understand that people are rather mean and selfish by nature. Therefore, if you expect the people who are well off to take of those who are vulnerable on their own volition, you won’t go far. The best thing is to force the people who are well off to take care of those who are vulnerable. And the way to do so is simply through taxation. So you tax the folks who are well off. Then you use the money obtained through taxation to take care of the vulnerable population, through various social welfare programs.

But we often see (sad) situations where folks who are not very well off are taxed heavily, even as the truly rich individuals are allowed to operate without paying too much tax. Take, for instance, the folks who work in restaurants – like, specifically those who work at Darden restaurants. When such individuals go to the Krowd darden access portal, they are almost assured of finding that a huge chunk of their earnings deducted to fund the tax kitty. This not withstanding the fact that such folks, who usually work through the very demanding krowd employee schedule are not really very well off. But they are taxed heavily. So what we need is a situation where the folks who are truly wealthy would be taxed in a manner commensurate with their wealth. Then the funds can be used in social welfare programs. That’s the only way we will achieve true social justice.

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