Using the Welfare System to Promote Social Justice

One of the ways in which we can promote social justice is through the use of the welfare system. This is a system where poor people are given small allowances, to keep them going. The objective behind the system is to ensure that even the poorest of the poor don’t starve. The objective is to ensure that even the poorest of the poor don’t end up being homeless. In a nutshell, the objective behind the welfare system is to ensure that the even the poorest of the poor are able to afford the basic necessities of life.

In the absence of a welfare system, we could easily end up with hordes of beggars on our streets. In the absence of the welfare system, we could easily end up with thousands of homeless people, sleeping on shop-fronts. And this is not an hypothetical situation. For in countries where no welfare system is in place, those things are prevalent: hordes of beggars on the streets, thousands of homeless people sleeping on shop-fronts… and so on. And in such places, it is hard to talk of social justice — as long as there are starving people living side by side with people who have too much to eat. Or as long as there are homeless people, who are sleeping on shop-fronts, even as their compatriots get to live in luxurious quarters.

We have to accept that there will always be people who fail to do well in life. Capitalism always has its casualties. And those are the people who are supposed to be taken care of by the welfare system.

Of course, the welfare system is funded by taxes: taxes paid by hardworking people. Like if, for instance, you work at Lowes, the arrangement is such that you have to sign in at Myloweslife login page, to view your paystubs. And when you get to view your pay stub, you discover that a considerable amount of money has been deducted as tax. This is the money that is used to finance, among other things, the welfare system. It can be painful to know that your money is being deducted, to help people who perhaps don’t work as hard as you. But that is a small price to pay for social justice. After all, you know not when you, yourself, may end up being in need of assistance from the ‘system’.

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